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Looking for you and your loved one to have fun with other couples and at the same time learn some new ways to improve your relationship?

Derrick and Tracy are a part of The Marriage Institute, an organization founded by Damita and Domingo Gonzalez. This is an organization that is invigorates couples to reach optimal levels in their marriage that will see them through the pathways of marriage for a lifetime.



Well, check out The Marriage Institute in the Hampton Roads Area in Virginia. 


The Marriage Institute surrounds couples with a team of people that believe in the institution of marriage and are devoted to enhance the lives of people. Couples will be equipped with tools that will enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being hence providing them with a successfully balanced relationship

Recommended Books

I Promise
by Gary Smalley


Looking for a great book on marriage? 


Here's two that The Marriage Builders recommend especially for you!

I Promise takes the often complicated notion of developing security in a marriage and makes it simple, practical, and eminently doable! Reading this book with your spouse will bring you both closer as you discover how to trust each other more and create a safe place in your marriage. One important thing that we have learned from this book is not to depend on one another for emotional stability.


Finding the FUN in your Marriage

I recently took my daughter to the dentist office for her annual cleaning and x-rays. The dentist office was unlike anything I had ever seen – it was completely and totally tailored to the desires of children. The waiting room had several video game stations for kids to play their favorite video games while they were waiting to be seen by the dentist. The dental examination area was open and bright, complete with flat screen televisions mounted on the ceiling directly above each dental chair so that children could watch television before, during, and after their dental exam.

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